Building Effective Professional Learning & Support Networks

“The essence of culturally responsive practice is establishing great relationships with kids and their whānau.  We need to ‘see’ our kids in a holistic way; celebrating their unique and special gifts and most importantly, responding to all of their needs - academic, social, emotional and cultural.”  
Janelle Riki, 2015

This professional learning groups enables a group of cultural leaders, their colleagues, Whānau & Tamariki from our representing schools in the Hereora Cluster to come together for special hui to korero about Culturally Responsive Practice. 
Hui Resource Kete

The main aims are to firstly establish a common idea of what this means for our kura. Secondly, we want to establish and then implement a strategy across the cluster to ensure that we are providing rich and meaningful practise that is responsive to all children and whānau across the Cluster, regardless of their culture.
During our early hui we worked together to develop a Vision for this group. We believe that this vision will help to guide our aims, goals and ideas to a place where we can be considered as a Cluster that understands the importance of Cultural Responsiveness and knows what this looks like within our Kura.
  To collaborate to develop cultural responsiveness to engage all across the cluster.

    Develop a Hereora learning pathway of progression for the teaching of te reo Māori.
    Building teacher knowledge and confidence in te reo Māori. 
    Develop Hereora practices and protocols for all meetings, PLGs and events.
    Whānau inclusive.

Hereora Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Week 6, each term
Wednesday @ 3:30 - 5:00pm
Locations rotates across all schools
Hereora Cultural Leaders, Colleagues, Whānau & Tamariki
    Karakia, Waiata
    Karakia & Kai
    Mahi - Sharing & discussion time
    Closing Karakia
For further information please feel free to Contact Us 
Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Term 2 - 2017

When:             Rāapa, 7 Haratua - (Wednesday 7th May)
Where:            Isleworth School
Who:               Nathan Riki, School & ECE representatives 

Kaupapa (Agenda)
  • Recap of what we were meant to do between hui
•Feedback about reo Māori assessment at our kura

  • Feedback about autopilot in our kura 

  • Discussion about the survey Viola and Rachel created
•Kemu/Game sharing for our kete

Today we welcomed new members James from Breens, Janet, Simon and Tim from Isleworth and Lisa from Wairakei. 

  • After discussion around what is happening in our kura for assessment relating to te reo Māori we agreed to trial a spreadsheet that could be used to track a child’s progress over their time in our cluster. Nathan has shared this. 

  • The Auto Pilot Programme that was shared with us by Dianne Collier at TOD, has been successfully implemented in some schools. If you want to see it in action contact Viola or Rachel at Isleworth, Nathan at Breens or Phoebe at Harewood. 

  • A google survey has been created to collect some baseline data on what teachers know and how they are feeling about teaching Te Reo. Viola has shared this.

  • We enjoyed sharing a variety of  kemu (game) with each other. These are a great way to build vocabulary and confidence to use Te Reo. Members will share these with their staff.  

Where to between now and term 3 hui:
                      • Nathan to create an assessment folder with the tracker. Each kura to track 5 children and bring feedback to next hui. 

                      • Viola to share final copy of teacher competency google survey. Members to share with staff to complete before next hui. 

                      • Look at CR checklist sent out by Nathan before next hui, ready to discuss.

Next meeting is at Roydvale on Wednesday 30th September.

Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Term 1 - 2017
Where:             Monday 6th March @ 3:30pm, Breens Intermediate
Who:                Nathan Riki, School & ECE representatives 
Agenda:           What is Culturally Responsive Practice for Māori?
Revisit purpose of this PLG - Why are we meeting & what are our goals?
Where have we been as a rōpū? Where are we heading?

Main Goals that came out of hui:
  • Develop an explicit pathway for Te Reo Māori / Tikanga that is clearly outlined to each school
  • Introduce an assessment tool to use across the cluster to create accountability
  • Develop teacher capability to ensure that the content is delivered confidently
  • More staff professional development
  • Resource bank that is easy to access and all in one place
  • Small teaching sessions in staff meetings (of the different sentence structures)
To do between now and the next hui in term 2:
  • Incorporate autopilot into the school programme.
  • Assessment data? How do we make this manageable? Do we create sample groups? What is the purpose? Tracking across one year, or following one group across years? Will it be diagnostic or summative? When? Standardised tests needs to be created, so in preparation for next time, please familiarise yourself with the checklist Nath has shared.
  • Do you have a waiata or kemu you could share with the group? Create a resource bank?
  • Share the goals of this group with other staff members to ensure they are aware of our purpose. How can we get people on board without overwhelming them?
  • If we want teachers to assess the children, then do we complete a quick review of what teachers know first or how are they feeling about teaching Te Reo?? Viola to create Google Survey.

Hereora Cultural Celebration
Hereora Cultural Celebration
We also created the Hereora Cultural Celebration group who will meet separately from this group, Nathan to organise the first meeting for some time in term 2. He will email the rest of this group when he conforms a date. Group is: Nathan, Phoebe, Rachel, Jon, Emily, Anton (Burnside Kapahaka Tutor) & Sue.

Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Term 3 - 2016
Where:     Wednesday 8th June @ 1:00pm, Harewood School
Who:        Corbin Te Aika and Dianne Collier & School/ECE & Whānau representatives 
Agenda:   Story Hui & Leaders Hui feedback. 
                 Te Reo programme planning for 2017 & Hereora Te Reo Maori Learning Pathway.

It was great to have Corbin Te Aika and Dianne Collier working with us again.

We started with a discussion about what we teach at our schools through the different levels. It’s always really valuable hearing about what others do and find useful for our tamariki.

Di shared with us an autopilot resource she has used in the classroom. She discussed the learning behind it and demonstrated how it is used. It is always great to have resources that can be used across the different levels of the school. We also discussed other useful resources and websites that we could use at our school.

We discussed how our main focus for our cluster is to develop our own language knowledge so we keep pushing the language past level one and focus on what the children need to know next.

We then worked on creating a resource around sentence development. We got into groups and looked at one topic each and broke it down into kupu then sentences.

Nga mihi Andrea Smith and Phoebe Sopp
Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Term 2 - 2016
Hui Details:        Breens Intermediate & Bishopdale Preschool
Date/Time:         Wednesday 8th June @ 1:00pm
Who:                   School/ECE & Whānau representatives
Agenda:              Story Hui
                            Hereora Te Reo Maori Learning Pathway

Kia ora tātou,
It was great to see all those who attended the latest hui at and a real pleasure to host this wānanga at Breens. Our day was very valuable as we had a good kōrero over kai and then we had the opportunity to take part in a story hui and a classroom visit.

Story Hui
Cultural Responsiveness Hui Story Hui
Never before have so many pakeke been seen drawing with felt pens, sprawled out on the floor with laptops and paper.  The purpose of course was to capture the story of our cluster hapu so far and the experiences and journeys of those involved. The nature of our umanga sees many people change roles and responsibilities so it was whakamīharo to have a real mixture of those who had been involved right from the first inception, through to those who had their first hui on the day. 

Hereora Learning Pathway - ECE Visit
From here we were very privileged to go and spend the afternoon with the kaiako and ākonga of Bishopdale Community Preschool. 

What a rich learning environment we experienced. We witnessed a Te Reo lesson which flowed from students delivering a mihi/pepeha both individually and in groups, through to waiata rich with kupu and kōrero paki that were really enjoyed by all.  We didn’t want to leave.

A very valuable afternoon. Tēnā koutou to the BCP for inviting us in.

Future Focus
Our reflection as a group centred around some steps forward:
  • More use of cluster website
  • Gathering resources from within our own kete to share with each other
  • Creating own video resources to support teacher confidence and delivery of lessons
  • Discussing and recording what our kura do at each level so we can build on each other's teaching, teach new aspects and build upon existing mātauranga as student progress.
Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Term 1 - 2016
Hui Details:            Burnside High School
Date/Time:             Wednesday 9th March @ 1:00pm
Who:                    Cultural leaders from each school/centre
Agenda:                 Where to next - 2016?, Hereora Kete - Hui resource,  Hereora Community Cultural                                   Festival, Developing a Learning Pathway, Building Teacher Capability

Hereora Students Waiata 
We are in the process of collating the resources (music, words, recordings) into our Hereora Hui Kete (Google Docs & Website)
Thanks to everyone for the huge commitment to this it is an amazing resource for our cluster.

Hereora Community Cultural Festival - This event is now cancelled 
Hereora Cultural Extravaganza
Friday 14th October - (Week 1, Term 4) 
General Plan - A brief summary of initial ideas.
Meet & Welcome in hall - Karakia & Hereora Waiata
Cultural Workshops
Student run workshops with whānau, community to attend and join in. 
Workshops will run continuously for the whole time but we suggest that the students running them rotate so that they get to participate in other activities too. 
All sessions will be adaptable to cover all age ranges - ECE to Grandparents!
The focus is on inclusion, participation and cultural learning.
Each school/centre develop 4-5 mini workshops and will provide the resources to run these - keep them simple.
An opportunity for individual students or small groups to perform - busking style around the school (singing, instruments, drama, dance, kapahaka….).

Goals for 2016
Hereora Achievement Challenge Goal:
We plan to explore our developing Hereora Achievement Challenge Goal around Cultural Responsiveness and explore what is the clusters key focus is what the and proposed outcomes are. Jeanette Shearer invited to share and discuss this information at our next hui for us to develop and understanding and to identify what role can this group can have.

Learning Pathway:
Developing a coherent Hereora Te Reo Maori learning pathway - from ECE to High School. We want to explore, share and to develop a sound understanding across all educational sector curriculum in Te Reo Maori and to develop a progressive plan for teaching and learning across our cluster of schools and ECEs.

We have decided to start at our ECE level and plan to visit, observe and explore their curriculum, pedagogy and teaching and learning practices.