Hereora 2017 -  Initiatives & Events
Tighten those seat belts and hold on tight everyone  - Here comes  -  Term 3, 2017!

Below is a brief overview of each event or proposal with all available information outlined. Information will be up dated as confirmation occurs and details become available. 

Keep an eye on our Hereora LCC Google Calendar and the relative Google Documents for more in depth information.

2017 Hereora LCC School Dates
    Term 1: Monday 30th January - Thursday 13th April (11 weeks) Waitangi day
    Term 2: Monday 1st May - Friday 7th July (10 weeks) Queen’s Birthday 
    Term 3: Monday 24th July - Friday 29th September (10 weeks)
    Term 4: Monday 16th October - Friday 15th December (9 weeks) Labour Day, Show weekend
Term 2, 2017 Events & Initiatives
Hereora Governance Group
Burnside High School 
Wednesday 9th August & 13th September @ 1:00pm
Hereora Principles, ECE Leaders & Facilitators
Hereora Cluster Leaders fulfilling LCC cluster organisation and administration requirements.

Professional Learning Sessions
After school P.L. Sessions during Week 6 
This Term all Professional Learning Sessions will be held in 
Week 6 on afternoons between 3:30 and 5:00pm.
Specific information about each PLG is outlined in the column to the right, in the PLG's individual webpages or through the PLG Agenda & Minutes.

Maori Achievement Collaborative Hui
Monday 10th September @ 10:00am-2:00pm
Burnside High School
Hereora Leaders
The Principals and leaders in the cluster are engaging with the Māori Achievement Collaborative (MACs) advisors.  
The focus is on 'Changing the hearts and minds' of principal's through a process of deep learning, mentoring and coaching critical conscientisation and collaboration.

Hereora Cultural Celebration Team
Aurora Performing Arts Centre, Burnside High School
Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th September @ 6:00pm
Hereora Cultural Celebration
Hereora LCC Māori & Pasifika Cultural Performance

SOLO Taxonomy - Pam Hook
Hereora Primary & Intermediate Schools 
Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th September
Hereora LCC Teachers
Pam Hook is working with our Primary & Intermediate Schools to provide in-school support and professional learning sessions to  continue to develop effective our implementation of Solo Taxonomy for enhancing deep learning outcomes.

Keeping Safe in a Digital World - John Parsons
Hereora Schools 
Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st September
Digital Safety
The Hereora Learning Community Cluster has invited John Parsons back to run a series Cyber Safety events for our Hereora students, teachers and parents. 

Techie Team PLG
Roydvale School - Emily Keenan Facilitating
Monday 28th August @ 3:30-5:00pm
Hereora ICT Leaders
Techie Team PLG

To build collaborative support networks and expertise to enhance professional knowledge and teacher capacity in ICT.
Finalise John Parsons Keeping Safe in a Digital World events and developing the Term 4 Techie Team @ Burnside day

Hereora Collaborative Discussion
Venue to be confirmed
Monday 28th August @ 3:30-5:00pm
Hereora LCC Teachers 

An opportunity to meet with teachers from across the Hereora cluster to exploring collaborative teaching and learning practice. 

Join the conversations covering and share experiences, wonderings, resources to continue the development of best teaching & learning practice.

Supporting Learners Team
Breens Intermediate - Sandra Wong Facilitating
Tuesday 29th August @ 3:30-5:00pm
Teachers, SENCO & T.As that work with 
& support learners needs & abilities
Supporting Learners Team
Inviting our classroom teachers and T-Aides to discuss concerns about individual children. 

Providing an opportunity to support each other through sharing concerns and strategies already explored with our high need learners. This will be an opportunity to brainstorming new ideas and different approaches to develop next steps of support for these learners and their support crew (teachers & T.Aides).

Cultural Responsiveness Hui
Roydvale School - Nathan Riki Facilitating 
Wednesday 30th August @ 3:30-5:00pm
School & ECE Representatives & Whānau
Cultural Responsiveness Hui

This professional learning groups enables a group of cultural leaders, their colleagues, Whānau & Tamariki from our Hereora schools & ECEs to come together for special hui to korero about Culturally Responsive Practice. 

Early Years PLG
Venue to be confirmed - Raywyn Wright Facilitating
Thursday 31st August @ 3:30-5:00pm
ECE & Early Years Staff
Early Years PLG
Building relationships and sharing best teaching practice among our cluster early year colleagues. 

ECE and Junior School Teachers met to explore early years teaching experiences, building collaborative and supportive networks with the shared perspective of early years teaching and learning.