Future Focused Inquiries
The Hereora Cluster has had the absolute pleasure of working with Rebbecca Sweeney for three years as she supports us to further build our cluster vision and some overarching guides for action. 

Over the past couple of years the Hereora Principals, ECE Service Leaders and a wide range of staff from the schools and services have began to learn and spread more about the cluster vision: Collaborate, Inquire, Aspire. 

Rebbecca's role has been to help the cluster to build a vision that can truly be held high and use as an aspirational "motto" for our learners' futures. This has meant bringing new and different thinking to the cluster about what it means to be future focused and collaborative. Hereora team leaders and other staff have also worked with Future Focused Inquiry team members (Suzi Gould) to build a layer of people across the cluster who can lead special "CIA" inquiries that focus on learners strengths and needs to make the cluster vision real. 

While working with cluster leaders on careful thinking about being future focused, collaborative inquirers, the cluster has been continuing to build cluster practices that started at its initial conception. 

"I have been amazed by the energy of the different professional learning groups, the learners and many others who make the Hereora cluster real on the ground. You've been prepared to engage with the vision development for learners across your community even though sometimes it may have felt like you were one step removed from the thinking. Your leaders have done a great job of storytelling and sense making with you about the "why" of the Hereora vision and you have all responded by asking tough questions and working out how the vision and overarching guides for action influence your actions for the Hereora cluster." 
Rebbecca Sweeney, CORE Education

The Hereora cluster is a strong developing cluster of schools and services. All cluster members (learners, whānau, community, teachers, leaders) now need to understand what the cluster is doing and why and they need to have a say in that, so there is still work to do to spread the vision and build on the practices already in place. Eventually, practices across the cluster will be linked to impact on learners and the cluster will continue to engage in checking on this in ongoing ways. Continuing the work on collaborative inquiry will support this. 

Cluster leaders created Story Hui (www.storyhui.org) to look at how well they did at building the cluster. That process showed a real need to keep talking about and spreading the cluster vision and to get more and more people truly involved in taking on roles to achieve that vision. The impact of the cluster work will eventually be measured in relation to how well we engage our learners in learning, how well we cater for their social and emotional needs, and how well we cater for their physical needs - these are all important to ensuring that young brains are ready for learning. 

"The Hereora cluster leaders are ready to figure out some of the broad areas of practice that all schools and services can align to and collaborate on as a community. I am looking forward to watching the cluster leaders change and grow in order to lead this next phase of building a truly future focused and collaborative network of schools and ECE services. Keep exploring and reflecting together, value the views of your whole community and involve many others, including learners, their whānau and your wider communities as true partners in achieving your cluster vision. Tell the story of your vision and ask others to take a role in achieving it."
Rebbecca Sweeney, CORE Education

Future Focused Inquiries - Hereora: Collaborate, Inquire, Aspire: Community of schools

Future Focused Collaboration
Sound Education - A series of three CORE Education leadership channel podcasts presented by Rebbecca Sweeney exploring:
  • How did Your Cluster Start?
  • What is Collaboration? 
  • All the Parts and Where To?

Hereora - A Future Focused Collaboration

This is a series of video clips, produced by TKI, on enabling e-Learning and Cluster Collaboration. The Hereora leaders share how our cluster wide future-focused inquiry is providing students with opportunities to have agency over decisions around learning.

Becoming a Truly Collaborative Cluster

Hereora cluster leaders share how a collaborative and future-focused inquiry has supported new cluster goals and a shared vision.

A Future Focused Collaboration

Hereora leaders share how their cluster wide future-focused inquiry is providing students with opportunities to have agency over decisions around learning.


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