Hereora Induction Portal

Kia ora. Nau mai. Haere mai. Welcome to our Hereora Induction resource.

As new people join our schools, centres and community we need to ensure that they have an understanding of what the Hereora Learning Community Cluster is, how it came about and what it means for our educational settings, staff, learners and wider community.
We have developed four key resources to help inform our community about this cluster vision and purpose:
This Hereora Induction portal
Te Tūtohinga ō Hereora - The Hereora Charter
Story Hui - Hereora Development 2014-2015
Hereora Cultural Narrative

This resource is to help our learning community find out information about our cluster by navigating around our website to:

Learn about how, why and when our cluster was formed.

Develop an understanding of our Vision, Values and Principles.

Explore what we do and have achieved as a LCC.

Discover what our plans and direction for the future are. 

On Monday 6 March, 10 new members to the Hereora Cluster attended an induction day to learn about the cluster and our next steps.   We have set up this induction page where new members can work at their own pace to learn about our cluster. At the session teachers engaged with the Hereora Cluster website and went through our induction programme. Staff  learned about the vision (values, principles and practices), our initiatives and events, opportunities for students and parents.  We also discussed how the site can be utilised in their teaching practice.  A wonderful chance for new Hereora members to join together.
Jenny Washington, Principal, Roydvale School

Explore the various sections, and sub section within our Hereora Website using this web-scavenger hunt to inquire into and learn about our Hereora Learning Community Cluster. 


Hereora - Our Story

How did the Hereora LCC come about?

What Schools and Early Childhood Centres form the Hereora Learning Community Cluster?

What are our Hereora Vision, Values and Principles.


Hereora Induction Resources

Find and access our other hereora induction resources.

Te Tūtohinga ō Hereora - The Hereora Charter
Story Hui - Hereora Development 2014-2015
Hereora Cultural Narrative

What's on:

Find 2 sections that keep you informed about what is happening in our cluster?

What key events are happening in 2017?

What events are coming up this term?

Find and join the Hereora LCC Google Calendar.

If you need information about the cluster, PLGs or up and coming events who can you contact?

Community Engagement & Learner Opportunities:

What parent education and sharing opportunities have been provided in the past?

What are some of the opportunities our learners have had with the cluster in the past.

Find an initiative that our Hereora Learners were involved with by reading one of our early newsletters.

Professional Learning Opportunities:

What are our main professional learning groups?  
What are their purposes?
What key work have the cluster been doing with Suzi Gould  /  Pam Hook?

What are the key focus for our collaboration with Mana Whenua Education facilitators Corban Te Aika and Dianne Collier?

Te Hui Kete

What is the Hui Kete and how would we like it to be used across the cluster?

How can you easily access the Hereora Hui Kete to use in hui, assemblies or meetings?

Check out the Hereora waiata and karakia for adults and the waiata and karakia for our tamariki.