Story Hui PLG Evaluation Tool

The Hereora Story Hui framework is used with Professional Learning Groups (PLGs) to evaluate, review and inform future goals and direction. Its key purpose is to effectively gather evidence and evaluate what the cluster groups have achieved and how aligned the PLGs are to our Hereora Vision, Values and Principles.

Story Hui is a powerful process for evaluating successful learning in areas not covered by formal testing, we need innovative evaluation tools that describe learning in wider terms. With the use of Story Hui we can gather big picture data by operating on several channels at once – blending human success stories with visual mapping, digital transcripts and a powerful group questioning process to uncover hidden meaning, value and impact. - Liz Stevenson

Story Hui was designed by Liz Stevenson and is a group process of storytelling which is recorded using visual language, drawn as basic shapes & simple graphics. The story is drawn as the storytellers tells their story, in three consecutive parts.

In the beginning: 
What was happening to learning? 
How do we know this? 
Who else was involved?

The action/inquiry: 
What was the initiative? 
What happened? 
What did this mean? Share all the details.

In the end
What was the result? 
What learning improvement was seen? 
What were others’ responses? 

Hereora Story Hui - Reflecting On and Evaluating Our Progress.
Below are the links to the various Story Hui evaluations that we have participated in as we endeavour to ensure that our cluster activities and opportunities not only meet the needs of our Hereora cluster members (Staff, Students, Whānau across all educational sectors) but also strongly align to our Hereora Vision, Values and Principles.

We have used Story Hui to evaluate:
The establishment and development of our Hereora LCC
The Hereora Techie Brekkie PLG
The Hereora Cultural Responsiveness Hui
The Hereora Early Years PLG
Hereora LCC Establishment
Techie Brekkie Story Hui
Cultural Responsiveness Hui Story Hui Early Years PLG Story Hui

Where to Now?
As a Learning Community Cluster we are wanting to review and evaluate, using Story Hui, our current practices, and to to consider the need and relevance of various events, professional learning and cluster engagement against our Hereora Vision, Values and Principles.
It's Time to Reflect, Review and Revise!
  • Is it Hereora? Is it inclusive of all ECE's & schools?
    • If not, could all be involved? 
    • If so, how would we support this? (e.g. times of sessions, names, key focus & purpose etc)
  • Is the work well aligned to our Hereora Vision, Values and Principles?
    • If not, and we want to keep it, how can we changed it to be aligned to our Hereora VV&Ps
Continue, Start, Stop? 
Does the PLG need aligning to the vision and principles? Explain this and provide ideas on how
What would the clear purpose of the PLG be?
Does the PLG need to change to include all schools and services? Explain and provide ideas on how
Does the PLG need to get beyond sharing? What might help this to happen?
Does the PLG need direction or support to self-manage and innovate? How might we do this?

How will this be done? What process needs to be undertaken to remove the PLG from the cluster work?
Why should it stop?
Could it continue outside of Hereora as an opt-in PLG for schools and services who want to do it?

Suggestions for PLG: 
Unpack language and rename groups to be inclusive of all sectors
Establish a goals for the PLG for the year relating to the vision and values
Space for roles