The learners in our community are students, staff and whānau. Our vision is that all participants in our Hereora LCC collaborate using an inquiring mindset. We all have ownership of our vision and a role to play in achieving it.

Hereora Vision, Values and Principles

Exploring and reflecting together; valuing diversity 
for enriched, empowered learning.
Learner Agency  Cultural Responsiveness  Collaborative Teaching & Learning  Whānau Partnerships

The Relationship between our Hereora LCC Core Vision, Values, Principles and Beliefs

"Make values and beliefs the basis for action rather than simply reacting to the pressure for a particular practice. 

Ask the constant guiding question for evaluating current and potential new practices: “How  does this practice help us achieve what we say we value and how does it aid learning based on what we know about how children learn?”

"If we are truly learning, it will be a dynamic, interactive process but at any point in time a learning teacher, a learning school, will be able to identify what values and beliefs are the basis for particular practices, they will be engaged in reflecting upon how particular practices help them achieve what they value and believe and their values and beliefs will be continually revisited and refined."

Atkin, 1996

This table illustrates and unpacks how we define each of our Hereora Values.