More about Hereora LCC and our journey so far:
Below are link for various articles, podcasts and videos that share aspects of our journey and work so far as we develop as a collaborative learning community. 

Hereora cluster in Christchurch improved collaborative practices using Spirals of Inquiry and frameworks for future focused education, transformation and collaboration. The cluster were successful in identifying common needs across sectors, setting cluster goals and developing a vision.

Hereora cluster leaders share how a collaborative and future-focused inquiry has supported new cluster goals and a shared vision.

Hereora cluster leaders discuss how the spirals of inquiry has been a useful tool to develop focus and coherence across the cluster. 

Hereora leaders share how their cluster wide future-focused inquiry is providing students with opportunities to have agency over decisions around learning.
A series of three CORE Education leadership channel podcasts presented by Rebbecca Sweeney exploring - How did Your Cluster Start, What is Collaboration? All the Parts and Where To?
Hereora cluster has been working in the 'uncomfortable' stage of developing a hunch, and sometimes returning to scanning' to come back again to a hunch. As part of this there has been a process of reducing vulnerability between network members, and the leaders have been active in fostering cognitive conflict in a way that combines trust and challenge. 
A strong education system, from early childhood to tertiary, will be critical to the redevelopment of greater Christchurch and its economy in the wake of the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. This is why the Ministry of Education worked with the community and the sector to develop a plan for renewal that will meet the educational needs of children and young people, and support social, cultural and economic recovery. Here is the background information for our, and all other greater Christchurch LCCs.