Our Story
The Hereora Learning Community Cluster was formed in September 2012 through the Greater Christchurch renewal programme. Schools and early childhood education (ECE) services were grouped into ‘learning community clusters’ with other education providers located in similar geographic areas. 

The aim was to move away from individual institutions and services, to enhance collaboration and innovation across the education sector and to  improve resources, facilities and opportunities that our communities need. 

The Guardian of the Springs
Hereora is our cluster name. We believe in the importance of healthy environments benefiting all. 

Hereora is the Maori Princess who is known as the guardian of the springs of the North-West area. She cares for the welfare of the springs and the water. Healthy water equates to healthy environment and people. 

Furthermore, we believe that it is vital to recognise ourselves as a learning community made up of a diverse 
demographic working toward a common goal of learning 
Hereroa Vision 
Our vision for all learners across our Hereora Learning Community is to Collaborate, Inspire and Inquire (C.I.A) by exploring and reflecting together; valuing diversity for enriched, empowered learning.
Hereora Vision

Please visit the Hereora Vision page to learn more about our Hereora Vision, beliefs and principles.