Professional Learning Days

Each year our Hereora community cluster of schools and early childhood centres offer a series of Professional Learning Days for the staff from across our cluster. 

Hereora Professional Learning days allow us to provide collaborative professional learning opportunities that are specifically tailored to meet our Hereora LCC vision and achievement challenge goals.

This year we are focusing on continuing our learning around the development of our Culturally Responsive practices across the cluster.

Hereora Professional Learning Day
On Friday 27th January 2017 staff from across the Hereora Cluster gathered for a day of professional learning at the Rossburn Reception Centre in Rangiora. The key focus for this day was for us to further develop our cultural responsiveness through:
                  • Development of our te reo Maori skills, knowledge and application.
                  • Exploring history, traditions and storying of local places
                  • Developing place-based curriculum
Staff participated in a series of informative and interactive workshops that were kindly facilitated by Mana Whenua Education Facilitators Dianne Collier and Corban Te Aika with grateful support form Nathan Riki. 

Workshop Synopsis:

Te Reo Māori Workshop - Nathan Riki & Dianne Collier

Nga Kupu Autopilot with notes

How can we increase our implementation of  te reo Māori?

Staff participated in an introductory or advanced Te Reo Māori Workshop to further develop skills and knowledge in te reo Māori.

"Learning about the language and exploring ways to increase its purposeful implementation across the curriculum."

Te Reo Māori Workshop - Dianne Collier
A huge thanks to Dianne for developing & kindly sharing this teaching resource with the Hereora LCC.

Links to supporting  resources:

Kaiapoi Pā Visit - Corban Te Aika            

How can stories & traditions of local places enrich learning?

The group participated in a guided tour of the Kaiapoi Pā where Corban shared his wealth of knowledge around the history and traditions of the Pā, making it relevant for future teaching and the continued development of our place based curriculum.

Place Based Curriculum - Dianne Collier & Corban Te Aika      

How do we integrate storying into curriculum in planned way?

Hereora staff explored ways and generated a wealth of resources form the knowledge developed during the Kaiapoi P
ā visit earlier in the day as a way to develop and implement more place-based curriculum across our cluster of schools and early childhood centres.