Building Effective Professional Learning & Support Networks

The Hereora Techie Team is an initiative developed to enable our Hereora ICT Leaders to join together each term to collectively learn, help and support each other.

As a professional learning group the Techie Team team are able to identify commonalities across our Hereora schools and ECEs and explore ICT needs, areas of strengths and areas for future focus. The group effectively work together to help solve problems, share expertise and participate in professional learning.

Discussions illustrate that while each school or ECE is at different points in their ICT development, all have similar needs and issues. With this in mind, the Techie Team team decided to work together to support each other in the following ways:
  • ICT representatives from each centre to meet together to develop effective sharing and support networks. 
  • Identify expertise, strengths and experiences from across our Hereora LCC that could be shared to benefit colleagues from other educational centres.
  • To explore commonalities of systems, policies and procedures across our cluster.
  • Identifying key areas for future focus including; online safety, cyber safe classrooms, accessibility, social media and age appropriate resources, data and information systems. 
  • Working collaboratively to develop these learning needs and systems.

Hereora Techie Team
Week 6, each term
Monday @ 3:30 - 5:00pm
Locations rotates across all schools
Hereora ICT Leaders 
    Discussion, collaboration, sharing,     problem solving
    School walk through
For further information please feel free to Contact Us

2016 initiatives & information:
Techie Brekkie 2016

Term 2 - 2017
Meeting Details    
Monday 29th June, 3:30pm @ Burnside High 3:45pm

This session will be working towards organising the Term 3 John Parson sessions and schedules. The team will also explore What's on Top? across our schools & ECEs, spending time to help each other out & share experiences, recommendations and expertise. 

The Hereora Techie team again met at Burnside High School, after school on May 29th, over cookies and coffee the group continue build their collaborative support networks and share their different expertise to enhance professional knowledge and teacher capacity in ICT.
Student Techie Team @ ??? Day
The Techie Team @ Breens day for our Hereora students, that’s been held at Breens Intermediate for the last two years, was discussed. The team identified that this is still a very valuable and important opportunity for techie minded learners and would like to continue to offer it. As it is no longer possible for Breens Intermediate to host this event, various alternatives were discussed. 
There is the possibility that Burnside High could provide the venue for the event after their senior students have gone on exam leave early November, with each of the other schools providing a teacher/s and possible activities. The Team discussed having a Google Summit or I-Pad focus so students we building skills on the infrastructure that the schools have invested in. Details and information will be finalised and shared with our schools after our next meeting in August.

John Parsons
John Parsons, (cyber safety, digital boundaries etc) will be working with the cluster on September 19th, 20, 21st. A programme will be organised to make the most of the time that John has and that allows schools who wish to use John’s skills to do so. One of our biggest challenges is trying to increase the number of parents attending these workshops. We will be looking for strategies to increase the parental participation in this interesting and incredibly important opportunity.

Kids to the Power
A coding day for a group of years  3 - 4 students may be held later in the year. The date and venue have yet to be set but it will probably be towards the end of term 3. There is no cost to students.

Term 1 - 2017
Meeting Details    
Monday 6th March 3:45pm
Terra Viva Cafe

Welcome to new members, Techie Team Day @Breens, Code Club, Hail 
Interface, See Saw, YouTube Issues, Hapara Workspace.

We welcomed new members to the Techie PLG for the new year. It was great to hear them contribute ideas and suggestions along with our regular members.

Techie Team @ Breens
After the success of last year’s Techie Team @ Breens day we are forging ahead with plans for the 2017 version. As several other events occur during Term 3 & 4 we are looking at a time frame of Week 3 or 4 in Term 2. Nathan will talk to his Breens teachers. More news to come.
Code Club

Code Club
This was well received by students, and we would like to build on this in 2017, this will require upskilling of ourselves as well as interested teachers. We would like to create links between the children involved in some way. Wairakei starting own code club with support from Breens. Isleworth have began the Code Club journey as well. This may develop into a Friday afternoon interest group, possibly between all cluster schools.
Hail Interface
Discussions around the use of Hail in schools, recommendations and highlights. Thanks to Wairakei for how they use Hail as a website, and how Hail pushes out to other media - Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters etc. Breens do something similar.

Seesaw - Student Driven Digital Portfolios
Harewood shared how SeeSaw is used and sharing with families. Good use for communicating with parents.
What is Seesaw?
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school and share it with their teachers, parents, classmates, and even the world. 
For students, Seesaw helps them see their own growth and provides an audience for their work - whether that be peers, parents, or the world at large.
For families, Seesaw gives an immediate, personalised window into their child’s day so they can support learning at home.
For teachers, Seesaw saves time on organisation and communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach digital citizenship skills.

Techie Talks: Other professional discussions that the techie team engaged in over coffee and cake:
How to use Linewize to block Youtube for specific children.
Skyping a Seattle school.

Best practise discussed of Hapara Workspace and the benefits for students and teachers.